Cannot work antivirus of my PC.

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My computer was attacked by virus. I install avast anti virus.

But it does not work properly and cannot upgrade. My computer is working very slow.

I used a pen drive and virus addicted my computer.

So what can I do?
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Cannot work antivirus of my PC.


Don't be upset, Sir. Its not a new thing. In this modern computerized world, virus is playing its vast role. So only you are not the victim. So to start with your problem, as your computer is already affected, if any of your friend has a hard disk cover i. e. USB plastic body cover which you can fit the internal HDD in it and can use it for external purpose too.

So, after taking that open up your CPU and take out the HDD and fit in the HDD cover, then take it to the computer who has no virus attacks. So connect your HDD with the USB to your friends computer or laptop. Scan it and then heal or delete all the virus detected. And then you install a new anti virus instantly and bingo, your computer is free from virus. Its very easy.
If you feel it hard to detach the CPU and all then take it to a friend who is expert. Or if you can put some extra money, take the CPU set to a technician, he will help you. And yes because of the virus attack your computer became slow. And nowadays pen drive is the fastest way of attacking virus to a computer, so scan it before you open the pen drive folders.
Hope it would help you.
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Cannot work antivirus of my PC.



Now a days, viruses are getting stronger and stronger to keep pace with stronger antiviruses. You are also a victim of any strong virus that is preventing your Avast to become useless.

First of all, download and install Avast Virus Database Update. This will install the latest information about latest viruses and other malicious threats.

Start your computer in Safe Mode.

  • Go to Control Panel >> System and Security >> Administrative Tools >> System Configuration.
  • Go to “Boot” tab.
  • From the bottom options, check “Safe boot”. From the Safe boot option, select “Network”.
  • Then press “Apply” & “OK”.
  • Restart your PC.

After your PC booted, run Avast. Scan your PC for viruses.

This should wipe out all viruses completely.

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