Acer laptop stop from responding

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I have an Acer laptop with Windows 7 installed on it.

The problem is whenever I am in the middle of my work load or either I am surfing or just typing anything, my laptop just stops from responding.

I have to turn the laptop off then turn it on again to make it work.

What is causing this? What process should I do to resolve it?

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Acer laptop stop from responding



This may happened due to two reasons

  • RAM problem
  • Hard Disk Problem

May be your RAM stops working while you are doing some task. Because every thought you must load in the load, when RAM stops for few milliseconds then it causes problems. Because this time processor cannot read the instructions to execute.

It may be the problem with your hard disk. Might be your data cable is not plugged correctly or may be the cable is damaged. Because halting the program is mainly due to hard disk when data are not received by RAM from hard disk then it halt the program whether you are typing or doing something else. 

If you are not showing Blue page before shutting down than it must be a problem with your hard drive.

Reinstall the windows. It the problem  persists then change your hard

Hope this will help you.

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Acer laptop stop from responding


Your computer most likely came with a diagnostic utility since it is a branded computer. You should be able to access that before the computer reaches the boot process.

You may need to press F12 to get to the diagnostics utility. With this utility you will be able to test parts of your computer to rule out hardware problems.

If the utility verifies that you have a hardware problem, then you need to call Acer for warranty replacement.

If the hardware in your computer is fine, then this is a Windows problem.

I suggest you backup your files now as you may need to reinstall Windows soon.

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