Cannot move file to trash

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I just bought a second hard disk there are two VFAT partitions in this disk.

When I delete any file from any of these partitions, the files do not go to Trash, and it keeps saying this error message

"Cannot move file to trash, do you want to delete immediately?"

Im not sure how I should deal with this.

I hope you experts can help me out


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Cannot move file to trash


May be your file having a large size and trash have limited capacity.

If you delete file without moving into trash these file will not be recover any more. And error message "Cannot move file to trash do you want to delete immediately" means that file not move to trash only direct delete. 

Don't worry press Yes or OK and your files will be deleted.

take care

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Cannot move file to trash


Hi Michael Torres

You could try following steps to solve this particular problem. 

Trash function could be enabled for vfat and ntfs partitions that fstab is installed.

  1. fstab shall be backup.
  2. Add gid=1000, uid=1000 as options to fstab entry of partition. (see below example)
  3. In the root of partition, the directory named .Trash-1000 shall be created.
  4. Restart your machine.

After completion of above steps, you shall delete all files in directory of.

Trash-1000 and the deleted files would be placed in Ubuntu desktop trash.

Example of fstab entry

UUID=44B5-9621 /mediastore vfat defaults; utf8; umask=007; uid=1000 ; gid=1000 0 1

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