Cannot log onto Exchange Server Error on my Blackberry

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I have recently acquired a Blackberry Bold 9780 and I am familiarizing myself with the device as to its setup, capabilities, etc.

I have been debating on whether to take advantage of being able to access my email through my Blackberry.

Eventually, I decided against it. While trying to decide whether to use the email access,

I played with the setup. An error message now comes up saying “Cannot log onto Exchange Server.

Please check server access or provide a valid password” when I attempt to sync my blackberry with desktop manager.

Do you have any idea what happened?

Appreciate your advice. 

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Cannot log onto Exchange Server Error on my Blackberry


Below, I have tried to pinpoint the probable causes and solutions:

  • The Outlook you are using is unsupported by Blackberry Bold 9780. Bold 9780 have Internet service version. 1.8. This service only supports Outlook Web access previous to OWA 2003. Check both the software versions and update them to the latest version.
  • The Outlook & Blackberry login info is incorrect. First, login to you Web Access account from your PC. If you find any problem then get and set your mail account properly.
  • The Outlook you are using is using Secure Socket Layer (commonly known as SSL). When typing any address in Blackberry, change the http to https.
  • The mailbox name you are trying to use is incorrect. Login to your Web account. Hover your mouse on the inbox folder & check that the mail box name is correct or not.
  • Blackberry’s internet settings are not correctly assigned according to your Web mail account. Recheck your Blackberry Internet settings & change/update the information accordingly.
  • Your web mail account is filled with many mails. When there are more than 1000 mails in outlook’s mailbox, the blackberry is unable to access the mail box. Create a sub folder and move mails to that subfolder.

If all the previous options fail, then here is the final solution. Connect the Blackberry with PC’s software. Click the “Organizer” button (situated on the left side). Click Reset-Settings.

Follow through the Quick setup process. Use Re-synchronize options.


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