Cannot find the file Retro_Machines_MK2_100.ISO

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Hello Brainy,

When I am trying to install the retro Machine, I ended up with this error message. I am not able to locate the missing file? Where I can find the file? I tried several time to install it but no result. How I can fix this error? Please help me to resolve this error. Your help is really great. Thanks.

Cannot find the file Retro_Machines_MK2_100.ISO. Please make sure that you downloaded this file and that it is located in the same folder as Retro_Machines_MK2_100.EXE. Then start this installer again.

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Cannot find the file Retro_Machines_MK2_100.ISO


I think you forgot to download the ISO file when you downloaded the installer. But if you didn’t forget to download the file then there is probably something wrong with the way you install it. There are actually two issues being resolved that you might encounter with Retro Machines. The first issue was with the problem with the ISO file being missing during the installation though the file is really there.

The second issue was with a library that can’t be added if you will be using the old method. Regarding with the problem with the ISO file, here is how it should be done during the installation. If you already downloaded the ISO file or the “Retro_Machines_Mk2_100.ISO” file, you should copy its entire contents including all hidden files into the “drop installers here”.

Once all files are there, you may now run the installer. This way it should install properly and be able to create registry entries and other files where they should be needed. The ISO file can be loaded into a virtual drive so you need a virtual drive to get or copy the contents of the ISO file.

Or if you don’t have a virtual drive, you can use 7-Zip to extract its contents just like an ordinary compressed file. You can download the latest stable version of 7-Zip from Download 7-Zip 9.20. Install it once downloaded and extract the ISO file into the “drop installers here”.

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