Cannot detect ipod in iTunes

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Hi, I recently wanted to update my ipod’s music, but when I plug it into the pc, and launch itunes, the device does not show up in the devices section of itunes. Why is this so?

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Cannot detect ipod in iTunes




    That surely seems to be a big problem. Not being able to connect to iTunes kind of immobilizing your iPod. Anyway, there are a lot of ways we can troubleshoot this problem. Since we cannot be sure of what is causing this, we will just try anything possible.

Solution 1:

Try updating your iTunes, and also the drivers of your iPod. Maybe, it is caused by some driver issue. Better yet, uninstall your iTunes, and then download and install the latest iTunes.

Solution 2:

This must be caused by a registry issue. Download registry cleaners to get rid of the problem. I suggest you use “PC Registry Cleaner 2011”. Just check out any of these in this link.

Solution 3:

Restart the iPod Service.

1.       Open Control Panel.

2.       Open Computer Management.

3.       Expand “Computer Management(Local)”

4.       Expand “Services and Applications”

5.       Click Services under the “Services and Applications Tree”

6.       On the right-side of the window, click iPod Service twice.

7.       A window opens. Click stop, but do not close yet the window.

8.       Connect your iPod to your computer.

9.       Once it is detected, click start.

10.   Open iTunes once again.

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Cannot detect ipod in iTunes


If you want to update your music files on your iPod, you need to make sure iTunes is working. Go to Download iTunes and download the latest. This lessens the problem you might encounter because of an outdated application. See if this works.

On the other hand, if you have the latest version but your device doesn’t show up in the application, try transferring your connection to a different USB port. By default, a PC comes with four USB ports. Try connecting the USB cable to a different port and see what happens. If this doesn’t work, check if your USB cable is working.

Try using a different USB cable and see what happens. If you are using a damaged USB cable, your device will not show up no matter how you do it.

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