Cannot add a border using Photoshop CS5

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I have been trying to add a border using Photshop CS5 but I end up getting this error message. Here is what I did: I created a new layer and selected the rectangle tool. Next, I go to Edit>Stroke and then I proceeded to set the parameters of the border as ‘1 pxl, inside’ and chose the color for border as blue. Then I clicked OK and got this error saying that there is nothing to stroke. What could wrong with my method? I have tried several times but always receive this error and have failed to figure out the problem. I am new to Photoshop am still trying out the features of this software. It would be a great help if someone could point out what is the mistake and give me a step by step instruction on how to perform this on a Mac Mountain Lion machine. Thanking you in advance for taking your time out to help me solve this problem.

Could not stroke the layer because there is nothing to stroke.

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Cannot add a border using Photoshop CS5


 Many Adobe applications require Java to run their certain components in the beginning of installation process or during the software operation. Reinstall Java 6 and do the following.

1. Open a layer.

2. Give a background color or import a background image.

3. Next you continue with your previous process, i hope it will work.

In order to make a border you need to have something on your layer first… empty layer won’t make any borders.

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