Graphics design, I want to learn instantly

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I want to be a graphic designer, it is easy or hard I do not know. After than I want to be a graphic designer. Help me can I any software online where. And if it is so easy it is better to me.



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Graphics design, I want to learn instantly


Firstly, no job is easy – they all have to be worked and the skill has to be learned.  To be a graphic designer you must first have an eye for design.  You have to know the technical side and the creative side otherwise your designs will be missing that certain something.  You can learn graphic design on a PC or MAC.  Most choose MAC due to tradition.  Now, PCs can hold up to MAC in regards to graphics so it depends which one you are more comfortable.  The graphics come in two forms – Bitmap and Vector.  Vector art is basically a line drawing.  Bitmap is pixels. 

A pixel is a tiny dot of colour.  A lot of graphics, such as photos are made up of tiny dots of colors.  The drawback to this is when you make the image bigger, the dots become unclear and it becomes "pixilated" meaning you can see more dots than image.  Vector images are line drawings.  When you increase the size of a line drawing it holds its clarity.  The line drawing is best for logos, stationary, signs, etc. Pixels are best for pictures.  You can learn using a variety of different programs.  Becoming a graphic designer is not always easy as there is an artistic side and a technical side.  It is better if you are just starting out and you have no experience to find a good school and learn graphic design there as the support and one on one training will far outweigh what you get with a manual.  Not to say manuals are not worth their weight, but it is beneficial when you are just starting to have a safety net. 

You can learn about Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Karbon, and Gimp to name a few.  When you enlist for school you will be able to use their different programs and decide which is best for you and you will also learn the design side outside of the computer, as drawing an image – scanning it into the computer – and transforming it into a computer image.  Good luck with your designing.


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Graphics design, I want to learn instantly


Hi Lija27,

You definitely can learn Graphic Design, but need to spend some time and should maintain your passion.

There are various online courses and tool available to help you learn the course.  Below are some points you can follow.

· Learn the basics of graphic design using some design software’s.

· Learn how the graphic designers use the various software and tools.

· Search and find tutorials for your design.

· You can join some online community for graphic designers so that you can read the    experience of others.

· You can get your work evaluated through the online communities.

Hope this helps and you can produce some wonderful designs. Thanks!


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Graphics design, I want to learn instantly



Hi Lija,

List designing is an Art. Please be patient when you are
learning this type of creativity.

Yes its creativity. At first, have some idea about image sizes, pixels etc.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best programs for designing.

When you will use it designing will be an easy day by day.


Mothy Stewartyi

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