Cannot access host hard drive in Ubuntu-VMware Player

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Hi Pals,

My VMware player is running Ubuntu 10.4 and I use a windows XP host machine. I need access to my main C: in Ubuntu. But when I try to access the hard drive from Ubuntu, I get this error message which says cannot open the file as system cannot find the specified path and causes Ubuntu to hang indefinitely. The error message displayed is shown below. I have partitioned my disk into 2 GB files. Can the virtual machine and host share partitions? Is it possible to have direct access to host’s hard drive? How can this be done? Please advice. Thanking you for your valuable help.

Cannot open file “C:ProgramDataVMwaredndlogsdndlog.conf”: The system cannot

Find the path specified.

Operation on file “\.PhysicalDrive0” failed.

If the file resides on a remote file system, please make sure your network connection

And the server where this disk resides are functioning properly. If the file resides on

Removable media, reattach the media.

Choose Retry to attempt the operation again.

Choose Abort to terminate this session.

Choose Continue to forward the error to the guest operating system.

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Cannot access host hard drive in Ubuntu-VMware Player


I think there is something wrong in the installation of your Ubuntu guest operating system and also I’m quite confused on the 2 GB files you said you partitioned. If you created or you added two partitions to your hard drive excluding the original partition for the Windows XP host operating system and you only set both to 2 GB sizes for both the VMware workstation and the Ubuntu guest operating system, I think it’s too small.

You don’t have to create another partition manually when adding a guest operating system to the VMware workstation. Let the guest operating system create its own partition for itself and the same goes to the VMware workstation. You don’t have to create a separate partition for the VMware workstation so you can create virtual machine.

It is just like another program that you install normally on the computer and doesn’t require creating of new partition. If I am right that you install the VMware workstation and the Ubuntu guest operating system on separate partitions, uninstall both the Ubuntu and the VMware workstation and then delete the two 2 GB partitions.

When it prompts you for a restart then restart your system. Your hard drive should now contain only the partition for your Windows XP. Install the VMware workstation and then restart the computer. Next, if you are installing Ubuntu from a setup CD, load it in your optical drive and then start the virtual machine. Wait until Ubuntu finishes copying the files for the installation then restart the computer.

Follow the instructions to complete installing Ubuntu. When the installation completes, go to the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS user interface then select System, Preferences, and then Network Proxy. In Network Proxy Preferences, set the HTTP proxy. Once it is complete, install VMware Tools. If you get a little confused on the instructions, you may visit VMware Player Documentation.

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