Can Wi-Fi internet in mobile be shared with others?

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I don’t want to share my Wi-Fi password. I have a net gear Wi-Fi router and would like not to jeopardize the security. But whenever I want to share internet for the guests, I have to enter password manually for wifi and then once they are done using it, I have to make their device forget my Wi-Fi network. This is awfully done for my security. I was wondering can I make my smart phone (Moto G, 1st edition) as my second router to which other users can connect. Still source of internet for Moto G has to be my home internet. Am I right? Can anybody help?

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Can Wi-Fi internet in mobile be shared with others?


You can share your Wi-Fi over Bluetooth in your android mobile. By using this you don’t want to share your Wi-Fi password to anyone else anymore.

1. Go to connections in your phone.

2. Turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the Wi-Fi.

3. Once it is connected, go to settings.

4. Under connections, check network connections.

5. More Networks> Tethering and portable hotspot.

6. Enable Bluetooth Tethering.

7. Then you will get message for Bluetooth visibility adjustment.

8. Search in other devices.

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