Can’t send any file from iPhoto to Microsoft Outlook

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I can’t send any file from iPhoto to Microsoft Outlook.

When I attempt to do it I receive the following error message.

I can’t fix this issue without your assistance.

Can I get any resolution to fix this problem?

What should I do now?

Thanks for help.

Microsoft Outlook got an error: Can’t make (subject: “dogs”) into type properties of draft window.

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Can’t send any file from iPhoto to Microsoft Outlook


There is another way if you cannot seem to send any image files from iPhoto to Microsoft Office Outlook by sending them as an attachment inside a ZIP file instead of sending the picture directly to Microsoft Office Outlook. There is usually a conflict between Microsoft Office Outlook and iPhoto because of different versions supported.

If you can’t send the picture as a file because it sometimes won’t appear in Microsoft Office Outlook, put it inside a ZIP file and send it as attachment. From your desktop, create a new folder by going to File then select New Folder. Next, highlight the photos you want to send then go to File, Export, File Export and export the highlighted pictures to the newly created folder.

Click the folder you just created then go to File, Compress. This action will create a ZIP file out of the folder bearing the folder’s name. When the ZIP file has been created drag the ZIP file into your email message and send it.

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