Can’t make a driver for Metrix MTX 1054B virtual oscilloscope

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I am trying to control Metrix MTX 1054B virtual oscilloscope using LabView. I have searched the net for a driver but it would appear it hasn't been written yet. I had a go at making my own but came a cropper with the following problem:

Upon opening MAX it is evident the device is recognised but when I use LabView to try and communicate with it, is not detected.  I used the tutorial from to try and make NI-VISA and oscilloscope work together but no luck:



I have only recently started using LabView and I was hoping this would be my first home made driver!. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can’t make a driver for Metrix MTX 1054B virtual oscilloscope


I recommend that you update the driver of your USB Host's driver. It may be that the device is recognized but you still have a problem when you try to communicate with MAX because the USB driver is not working completely. The first thing you need to do is to determine your USB Host driver's manufacturer. Follow these steps:

1. Go Start > Control Panel

2. Select System or System and Maintenance and click Device Manager

3. Expand Univesal Serial Bus controller

4. Right click the USB driver where you plugged your device and select Properties

5. You will find the manufacturer under General Tab. Note it.

Next thing you should do is to download the latest driver from the website of the USB driver's manufacturer.

The other thing you can do which may not be done immediately is for you to upgrade to Windows 8. You can also try using the built in driver as it sometimes fixes similar issues.

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Can’t make a driver for Metrix MTX 1054B virtual oscilloscope


I feel you have done a mistake by deleting the driver given by the vendor. Your vendor must have also given you the low level details about the USB RAW. I does feel that you are missing something in your coding and your driver is not up to the mark. In such case only the most appropriate driver settings is going to help you. You need to contact the vendor immediately and get the exact driver and the USB RAW low level details again. You can contact any hardware expert for this purpose. Hope this will solve your problem.

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