Can I work and install drivers all at the same time?

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I want my extra monitors to run off in my EGPU set up. Can I work and install drivers all at the same time? I have been searching for answers in various places but only ended up finding the same question unanswered. Can somebody help?

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Can I work and install drivers all at the same time?



In short, NO, if you do not have the GPU Console Client installed.

This means you need to first have some basic knowledge of Windows and the FAH software.

The GPU Client must be installed and running without any error.

Now open the windows explorer and navigate to the original / first console client was installed

It should be something like

XP/2003:X:Documents and Settings [username]FAH

Vista/Win7: X:Users[username]FAH

Where X is the drive letter of the partition. This path could vary according to the actual installation of FAH

Now copy the FAH folder and again paste it to the same location BUT with a little different name i.e. by adding -2, the resultant path should look like

XP/2003: X:Documents and Settings [username]FAH-2

Vista/Win7: X:Users[username]FAH-2

Now delete the work folder and queue.dat file in the newly copied FAH-x client folder to prevent the new client from duplicating the work unit from the original client folder.

Now Find the FAH client executable from the original FAH client and make a new shortcut (right-click on the [email protected] icon and then select Create Shortcut). After creating the shortcut, move the shortcut to the desktop. Rename the shortcut with a convenient name like GPU1

Now this is the shortcut of the first client, and further shortcuts of other clients may be created using the same method

Now double click on the first shortcut created, and the configuration will start, remember to give different machine IDs to these clients individually. Also set the client parameters correctly

Additional client parameters []? Enter a -gpu x flag. The first client goes to -gpu 0, the second to -gpu 1, etc

And you are done.


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