Return 2007 440 Sign in Timeout Error

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I am confident that this has been requested a million instances here, and study a few of content along with the MS KB document on how to correct it, however, almost nothing appears to operate.

What occurred when I set up a new Return 2007 associate machine and transferred all the mail boxes from the previous one  (also occurred to at website operator) on new machine, and then decommissioned the previous Return 2007/DC. A couple of months I discovered that OWA  said "440 Sign in Timeout".

Heading through the guidelines, resetting IUSR and IWAM accounts and like, and I  discovered that sometimes, for 1 log on, it should truly function, but should begin moaning about incorrect protection options, which I believe connect with the index protection options, even though I'm working with the Powershell scriptlets that the KB document and websites suggest what is required to generate the OWA web framework.

My senses end here. I have to maintain doing the exact thing through and through once more, and with the exact outcome.

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Return 2007 440 Sign in Timeout Error


Hello Alexander,

To resolve that issue, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. First, you will need to open the Computer Management snap-in.
  2. And then you will expand Local Users and Groups.
  3. Next click Users, and then verify that an account with the name IUSR_Server_Name is found in the local folder. You will need to verify the permissions on folders as well as files in IIS Manager for this account.
  4. Right-click in the window pane on the right, and then click New User.
  5. Locate the User name box, and then type IUSR_Server_Name .
  6. You will need to provide an appropriate password in the Password as well as Confirm Password boxes.
  7. And then you will click to choose the User cannot change password as well as Password never expires check boxes, and then click Create.
  8. Next click on Close, and then start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  9. You will need to expand the Server_Name, and after that expand Web Sites.
  10. Right-click on Default Web Site, and after that click on Properties.
  11. Click on the Directory Security tab.
  12. Go to the Access and authentication area and then click Edit.
  13. Go to the Enable Anonymous access area and then click Enable Anonymous access.
  14. Go to the  User name as well as the Password boxes and then type IUSR_Server_Name as well as the password, respectively.
  15. After that locate the Authenticated access area and then verify that the Integrated Windows authentication check box has been checked, and then click OK.
  16. Go to the Confirm Password box and then reenter the password, and then click OK.
  17. In case the Inheritance Overrides dialog box is displayed, you will need to click Select All, and then click OK two times.




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