Unknown file installation causing problem

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I am quite responsible for the problem I caused. I know we are not supposed to click email attachments with .exe extensions but out of curiosity I did and nothing happened at first. But as I restarted the computer, I saw several apps partially missing. Their icon and start Menu entries are still there but the applications are not. If I click any icon it says that the file is missing. The missing apps include my antivirus which is AVG free version. I reinstalled it and scanned but no threats were found! Moreover as I restarted my computer it again went missing. I installed Avira antivirus but it cant detect the threat. How to remove the threat?

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Unknown file installation causing problem



None of the Anti-Viruses will work until you neutralize the spyware/malware which have infected your system.

You need to defeat the Malware first then you should scan your hard drive with any of the good reputed Anti-virus program.

1. Download Malwarebytes application from internet. Maybe you need to download it on a clean PC, because the malware which is causing troubles to your PC, will not let you download it.

2. Download unhide.exe , this app is also available on the web, you can find it easily by googling it.

3. Install malwarebytes and unhide.exe

4. unhide.exe will recreate all your icons and will make your apps accessible, however do not run any app until scanning your hard drive with malwarebytes program.

5. Scan HDD with malwarebytes and follow the instructions to delete the culprit. Unhide.exe would have already made the root file of the malware unhidden. So when malwarebytes captures it, delete it.

6. After rebooting your system, scan your HDD with a registered Anti-virus, and you are good to go.


Antti Tolli

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Unknown file installation causing problem


Hello MichaelSema,

That is a really tragic situation that your computer is in right now, and you may even be forced to format. In this case it seems like the virus was so strong and it has replicated itself on many files on your computer and therefore reinstalling the antivirus which is a .exe file will not help because the virus has taken over your system.

You may try the program called Malwarebytes Anti-malware, just download it from the internet and then install it on your computer and then scan your system with it and see  if it will neutralize the virus, and thereafter install the antivirus.

Ensure that you update your antivirus all the time so as to protect yourself from such situations.


Clair Charles


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