Can I purchase certificates for two domains

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We are ready for the re-branding of our company. Currently our mobiles, devices and OWA users have access of current domain. OWA and smart phones have good working. We installed retail cert to make them all working without extra handling.

Originally, the new domain name was supposed to including a new AD domain for bigger projects.

It cut way back, and to cover the "re branded" new domain we are now going for additional DNS registration and external DNS hosting. For the new domain name, I have put in the DNS information and it correctly resolves the OWA site, but, it complains for certificate because installed cert doesn't match the new domain name.

Can I purchase a certificate with the name of new domain install it on existing Exchange and permit users to accessing either domain name?

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Can I purchase certificates for two domains



I am not sure if that is entirely possible, I mean purchasing certificates for more than one domain but if you are really in need of another domain you can use a third party application to generate it.

One application that I know that may come in handy especially in your situation is the New Exchange Certificate cmdlet. You can import the details you had on the other exchange program to the new one using the existing PFX (PKCS#12) certificates which should be on your computer.

You can use the third party certificate, you can install on the network you are using and it will give you functionalities as if it were the read domain, with very good security features.

Clair Charles

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