Can I open two faceBook account at the same time?

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I created two FaceBook account.

Can I open those two FaceBook account at the same time with the same browser?


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Can I open two faceBook account at the same time?


 The question unanswered is "Can I open two Facebook accounts at the same time?"

 I made a research on several websites and found out that the answer to the question is YES.

Not even two but multiple Facebook accounts may be opened at the same time.

First the solution will be based on opening two accounts from the same browser. You may ask how to open and how to manage them at the same time. Using Firefox this is the procedure I found out:

First right click Firefox icon and hit properties. Once you get the Firefox target,the following code will be added at the end of the path:-profilemanager-no-remote-.What will appear is "C:ProgramFilesMozillaFirefoxfirefox exe"-profilemanager-no-remote.And then you can click OK.

Once Firefox is opened again,you will get a new box and right there two accounts or even multiple Facebook accounts can be opened.

Using Google Chrome,an incognito mode is used to allow two log-ins. The procedure is to first log-in to Google Chrome,click on the tools icon and select New Incognito window. Otherwise you can use Crtl+Shift+N to open a new incognito window. This time navigate from the same website and make two log-ins.


Another answer to the same question is still YES this time using two different browsers. Actually, you can choose from many popular browsers like Internet Explorer,Opera Firefox,Chrome and etc. Simply log-in one Facebook account in one browser and another Facebook account in another browser.

I will show illustration of two Facebook accounts log-ins at the same time using the same browser.


Another illustration will show two Facebook log-ins to two different browsers.

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Can I open two faceBook account at the same time?


I don’t think if it’s still possible with the recent updates that FaceBook has done. I, too, agree that you can open 2 different FaceBook accounts in 2 different web browsers. That’s because your FaceBook account presently logged in on the other web browser is not linked with the other web browser and also because they use different profiles for each web browser.

But I’m not convinced that you can open 2 different FaceBook accounts on the same web browser separated only with individual tabs. If it worked on your web browser then I think this capability is browser-dependent. Because when I tried it on the Maxthon web browser where I open my 2 different FaceBook accounts on separate tabs, the other one got affected. The first tab is already logged in using my original account.

When I open Facebook on the second tab, it automatically displayed my original account which is what’s in tab

1. When I log out and then login using my second account and then go back to tab 1 then refresh it to see if it’s still logged in using the original account, and it’s not. It’s already displaying the second account which is what’s logged in on tab

2. This only means that the browser is using the same profile for every website. If you have 2 accounts on the website, the web browser updates the profile using the account you last used.

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Can I open two faceBook account at the same time?


I am a crazy fan of Facebook. There are hundreds of friends online that I want to chat with within my log-in time. However, it is really impossible to chat with these friends at the same time. I tried using two active accounts but still cannot cater for my need to do multiple chatting. Now, because of your help I am able access both accounts at the same time. Both of you have given excellent performing solutions. Using two browsers is a very nice and doable recommendation. I have installed Google Chrome now and enjoying chatting with friends through two accounts. Thanks a lot, experts.

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