I want some free parking domain names for my website

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Hi everyone,

I am a web developer and searching for free parking domain names. If someone have purchased a domain name and have no any website then let me park my domain name. I am also wanted to reserve domain name for future. Tell me what should I do?


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I want some free parking domain names for my website



Hi there Alland, 

Domain names are used for every website to have its own unique identity, I bet you know that and there are numerous websites that can help you park your own domain name for free. But most of the time, these websites will have their name extension on your domain as well.

Example : "www.myOwnWebsite.hostdomain.com"

If you intend to remove their domain from your domain they will most probably ask you to upgrade your website. Some of this websites also gives you some free templates for your website. You can try visiting the following :

1. Wix Website

2. Word Press Website

3. Google Blogger Website

Hope this works for you. 

Waall Mike

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