Can I make an emulador flash USB?

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I am currently on a business trip and I forgot my USBs and Hard drives. Somehow, I need a n Emulator Flash USB that could be connected to a DVD player or laptop that could serve as a flash drive to save or to transfer videos to? 


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Can I make an emulador flash USB?



It doesn't matter whether you have a USB connection in between two computers or you are carrying a hard drive with you. As per your present need, you need to store data on your home computer as you are on a business trip.

I will tell you an excellent method by which you can store any data to your home computer so easily where ever you may be in the world. Before that I want to tell you that when you plug a Linux computer directly into another computer via USB makes the other computer see the Linux computer as a USB flash drive.

Here Linux flash drive emulator is not terribly helpful rather the below mentioned process will help you now and in future.

The process is remote assistant.

1. Your present laptop and home computer should be connected to the internet.

2. In both the computer you need to download an application (It will take one to two minutes maximum)

3. Steps how to download, write in the address bar of your browser or click this link

4. You will be opened up the page. Then look into the middle of the page there is a rectangular green box having written as start working with any admin (it's free). Now click on that.

5. If you have Google chrome it will automatically download. If it's Firefox it will ask for save file. Then save the file it will be downloaded. If internet explorer it will be asked to run and cancel. Click on run and then click on yes.

6. Now wait till the application gets downloaded. Then open the application.

7. It will ask for a run and cancel. Click on run and then click on yes.

8. Now you will see the ammyy admin small box.

9. Find in that box left hand side you ID i.e. your computer ID remembers for future use.

10. In that box right hand side you will find client ID/IP. Put the Id of the computer which you need to connect.

11. Now tell the remote computer (which you need to connect) accepts the pop up on his screen.

12. Now you will see both the desktop each other. Whatever data you want to transfer you can do it now free of cost.

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