Can I know how to remove system 32 virus from my computer.

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My computer has been behaving pretty strange over the past few days. I am assuming it is a malware or virus in the system 32 directory. How to remove system 32 virus from my computer without corrupting any data?

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Can I know how to remove system 32 virus from my computer.


Hey there! If you suspect the Sys32 virus, I am afraid there are very few methods to fix it without making changes to data stored on your computer. Firstly, you can try to stop the running of specific programs, thereby stopping the virus from working. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and go to Task Manager->Processes. Terminate the processes server.exe, system32.exe, system33trojanv1.1.exe.

If this does not help, deleting files is inevitable. You will have to delete the infected files. Go to the Start menu and select Search Files and Folders. Then, delete ONLY the given files – server.exe, system33trojanv1.1.exe, system32.exe, worm.p2p.tanked.11, system33.txt.

Hope it helped!

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