Can I install Snow Leopard from external DVD drive?

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Can I do install of Snow Leopard from external DVD drive?

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Can I install Snow Leopard from external DVD drive?


To put Snow Leopard in a unit(unity) USB:

  1. Insert a unit(unity) flash USB in the computer. To put the DVD of Snow Leopard in the CD unit(unity).
  2. Open the discs utility in the menu of applications and to select the unit(unity) flash.
  3. Select the card of 'Erasing' in the correct format and select 'Mac OS Extended'. Click in the button to 'Erase' in the center of the screen.
  4. Select the eyelash to 'Restore' and drag the DVD of Snow Leopard in the field of the source of the window. Select the unit(unity) USB and click in the button to 'Restore'. Snow Leopard will copy to the unit(unity) flash USB.

To install Snow Leopard from unit(unity) USB:

  1. Begin its Mac again. While it starts(pulls up) the team(equipment), touch and keep touched the keys 'Alt' and 'Option' simultaneously. Select the unit(unity) flash USB as the boot disk.
  2. Continue(Follow) the instructions for the installation of Snow Leopard.
  3. Withdraw the unit(unity) flash USB and begin the team(equipment) again.

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Can I install Snow Leopard from external DVD drive?


Hello juisaha,

Yes, for sure you can install snow leopard on your computer from and external drive. All you have to do is to copy the set up software that you want on the USB drive, connect it to your computer to access the files.

Open the USB drive and open the folder that has files for snow leopard, then look for the setup program which will be marked with a .exe extension for instance setup.exe and then execute it.

The installer will just prompt you through the steps which you will follow till the installation terminated successfully. The computer might ask to restart a number of times, so just allow it to do so.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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