Automatic powering on and Powering off of laptop issue

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did some games download and installed them. I am certainly sure that after that day onwards, my laptop screen goes off and on by itself! As against CRT monitors there is no separate switch to turn on turn off laptop monitors. Some time it flickers and goes off, wait for some time without touching laptop, the screen is back in full shape. What is happening? I have not dropped or damaged my laptop any time. I am sure of it. Even screen doesn’t show any physical damage. Is there way to debug this and find out the root cause? There is no fixed time to turn on back, but by my experience I am sure that laptop screen will turn on again. This repeats endlessly

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Automatic powering on and Powering off of laptop issue


1. If you are sure about the problem is because of the downloaded game, then you have to uninstall the game and delete  the entire supported file with ccleaner.

2. Make sure that the anti-virus is up-to-date.

3. Automatic turn OFF and turn ON problem of your laptop is because of LCD inverter problem. You have to meet the manufacturer.

4. Check the fan of the laptop. Because of overheating also this problem can occur.

5. You can follow the steps to resolve the issue of flickering screen

Step1: Adjust Screen Resolution. Start-> Control panel-> click on ‘Adjust screen resolution’ under ‘Appearance and Personalization’.

Step 2: Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Click on the Monitor tab-> click on the screen refresh rate you want under ‘Screen Refresh Rate’. The monitor will take a little time to adjust. Click ‘Apply’. If you have flicker on the CRT Monitor, first change the screen resolution and then change the refreshing rate. The higher resolution rate should have higher refreshing rate also. But all the screen resolution is not suitable for all refreshing rate.

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