Can I delete my old Windows folder?

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Hi friends,

I recently formatted my PC which is Windows 7 Ultimate X86 powered by orbit 30. So I want to ask after formating my system I can see that old windows folder is save in disk C but my disk is almost full now. So can I delete this folder to free some space or will it create ny problem if I delete this folder.Please answer me.

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Can I delete my old Windows folder?



Sometimes we do a “custom install” for a fresh copy of windows operating system, without formatting the partition. Then the “program” files, “documents and setting” file and “Windows.old” folder, from the previous copy of Windows are saved in a folder named- “Windows.old”.  You can regain that amount of disk space by using deleting that folder by these following processes:

  • Disk Clean-up:

    • Type “Disk Cleanup” at the search box from the Start menu. From the list of results, click Disk Cleanup.
    • Choose a drive, in which you have just installed Windows on. Click OK.
    • Now in the dialog box appeared, on the Disk Cleanup tab. Select click “Clean up system files”.
    • Select the check box for “Previous Windows installation”. Click OK.
    • Now click “Delete Files”, in the pop up window appeared.
  • Using Command Prompt:

There is one more way to perform this deletion. You can do this using command prompt environment as well. To execute this way, first you need to have full authority over your system. Run command prompt as a “system administrator”.  To do this, Run ‘Command Prompt’ as administrator. Then access Windows.old folder with extensive rights for performing the deletion.

To do this, type:

takeown /F C:Windows.old* /R /A


cacls C:Windows.old*.* /T /grant administrators:F


Now you have full rights and permissions for this folder. For deletion, type:

rmdir /S /Q C:Windows.old


Now your folder is deleted from your drive.

Hope this information will help you.

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