Can Dropbox be added to Microsoft Office Word?

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When I try to open or save a document in Microsoft Office Word 2013, I have the option of having SkyDrive accounts as cloud locations. However, most of my colleagues and I use Dropbox.

Is it possible to add Dropbox folders to the available cloud locations on Microsoft Office World 2013?

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Can Dropbox be added to Microsoft Office Word?


Hi Amelia , Yes .In the new office 2013 dropbox and google drive can be added . To add dropbox just follow the instruction

1. Open the Registry Editor. You can open it in desktop mode by hitting Windows + R to open the Run As menu, typing Regedit into the box and hitting Enter

2. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeCommonCloud Storage registry key.

3. Create a new key under Cloud Storage name it 0627ecb4-3ede-422a-8b23-954e7b6bed29. You could use a different key name, as long as you generate it with the GUID generator.You can create a new key by right clicking on the Cloud Storage key, selecting new Key and renaming the new folder it creates.

4. Right click in the right window pane and select String Value from the New menu. An entry labeled New Value #1 appears.

5. Rename New Value #1 to DisplayName by right clicking it, selecting Rename and then changing the text.

6.  Double click on DisplayName and assign it a value of Dropbox (or Google Drive).

7. Create another string value called LearnMoreURL and assign it the home page URL for Dropbox or Google Drive.

8. Create a third string value named LocalFolderRoot and assign it the path to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder (ex: C:usersapiltchDropbox).

9. Close Regedit and reboot your PC.

10. Open Word 2013 and add a blank document.

11.Click the File tab. Then open ->add a place -> select dropbox



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