Explain how the Collect and Paste function works in MS Word.

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What is the feature called “Collect and Paste” in Word? What is it used for? Is it used to copy multiple items from one document to another?  Can I copy multiple items from different applications and copy it to another document using this function? What is the maximum number of items that can be copied?


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Explain how the Collect and Paste function works in MS Word.


The “collect and paste” feature is available in Microsoft Office 2007 package. In Microsoft Office 2007, the Office clipboard lets you copy up to 24 multiple items, be it text or graphical items, and paste them into another Microsoft Office document. You can copy as much items as you want and then view them in a special clipboard view pane to select the item you want to paste back into your document.

To open the Microsoft Office clipboard and view the items you copied, in Home tab of any Microsoft Office application, for example Microsoft Office Word, click on the tiny arrow next to the word Clipboard. See image.

This will bring up the Office clipboard task pane on the left. You can see all the items you’ve copied both texts and graphics. To select the item you wish to paste into your document, hover your mouse over to the item then click on the arrow pointing downward and then select Paste. See image.

On the other hand, if you want to delete an item from the clipboard or several items, just repeat the same steps. Hover your mouse to the item, click on the arrow, and then select Delete. There is also another way of pasting an item from the clipboard into your document. Simply click on the item from the clipboard task pane and the item will be pasted automatically right into your document.

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