Can AD 2003 domain users log on to Windows 2003 FTP servers?

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Can AD 2003 domain users use their credentials to log on to Windows 2003 FTP servers? Is there a way to have a single login so there is no need to authenticate every connection?

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Can AD 2003 domain users log on to Windows 2003 FTP servers?


If you have a domain that is named as AD 2003 then you can add more users by simply performing the task of active directory and you will be able to maintain the accounts for any server or for any user. If the server is secured by some reasons then you may not be able to access the server there can be other reasons in this case which can also cause problems.

Although if every thing is going fine then you can add users on either windows 2003 server or on your domain AD 2003 it is quite easy and is possible. If you are using two servers and both of them contains users then you can convert users of your systems to one server and can use the other server for other purpose. It is easy and you can manage it on each of your servers. Copy all contacts from one server or from domain and then put them to the other server that is mostly for the users accounts.

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