Camtasia 7 – YouTube UpLoad Error –

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 I get this error message as show in the picture provided below when I try to up load my video to my YouTube account, any help on this issuse please ?

This is what I do when I get this error message:-
I click on stop after recording my desktop tutorial, then I goto "Produce and share" option and choose from the drop down list "Produce and share…" a window pops up, then I select the YouTube HD selection , then I type in my YouTube username and password and click on ok, then Camtasia 7 begins to upload, after the progress bar reaches a certain point , I get this error message as shown in the picture below.
Uploading to YouTube
An error occurred and the video did not upload.
A networking error occurred.
Save my produced video.
Check my internet connection or login credentials and retry the upload.
Delete the produced video.
Please Help thanks 🙂 
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Camtasia 7 – YouTube UpLoad Error –


Hi Bj,

Will according to the error that you showed. The only problem was in your network or internet connection process. First of all what is your connection type? Because sometime when you used a dial up type on connection that’s would be the problem occurred. Also when we used a broad band there are some cases that the connection was interrupted by some weather. So I suggest use a connection that fast and direct to your pc. But you can try it another again, before you do it again check you internet connection so no nothing can interrupt you uploading process. This would help. Thanks, 

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Camtasia 7 – YouTube UpLoad Error –


Dear Bj.Emine

          I got your problem and I think I can help with you. Well, according to you, you can't upload in YouTube using Camtasia 7, same problem that I experienced last month, but now, I already fix the problem and here's the process that I work on and fortunately it works. Well, let's go first on what will be the probable reason why you can't upload.

Are your video has a correct file format? Like MPEG-4 or windows media video (WMV), second have you check the length of your video? make sure that it didn't exceed to the maximum amount of time that YouTube requires, and lastly, do you have an account in YouTube? make sure that you log-in in YouTube so that you can upload a video.

If all of these requirements already met, I think the problem is on your internet connection. Since, the picture that you show says, "check my internet connection" which means your connection is not enough for uploading a video and it could be the main reason why you can't upload. 

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