Security concern harassment while browsing.

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I repeated get the following error when browsing, irrespective of the browser that I use. Please help.

The server's security certificate is not yet valid!
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Security concern harassment while browsing.


A security certificate ensures that you are communicating with the right website. If a third party source,that is trusted by your computer,does not approve the certificate then you are likely to receive this error. It happens if the website address you are trying to connect does not match the address on the certificate.

There can be a couple of reasons behind this error. Either your computer clock is way back, most probably a year or so. Actually the certificates are valid for a certain period of time, and if the clock is not set right then this error occurs. Even if you think that you have set the clock right, there is a great chance that it resets every time you start your computer. This problem arises if you have a weak or dead CMOS battery.To know more about CMOS Batteries.

If that's not the problem, go to the wrench icon>options>Under the hood and uncheck "CHECK FOR SERVER CERTIFICATE" revocation.

If that doesn't solve the problem then it might be that the security certificate has really expired.This error can also arise if the website is not trustable.

Hope this information resolves your issue.


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Security concern harassment while browsing.


Looking at the attached picture that you gave, it seems that you are accessing a site that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  SSL is a protocol that provides encryption for communication security over the internet. The site uses SSL to prevent third party connection such as attackers on your network from getting valuable or sensitive information that you provide to the site.

Looking further at the attached picture that you gave. There seem to be a lock icon like this one on the left side of the URL of the site.

This icon indicates that the site you are trying to access uses SSL, but your browser (which based from your attachment is Google Chrome) has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problem with the site's certificate. When you connect to a site that uses SSL, the sites presents your browser with something called a "certificate" to prove its identity as a safe website. The certificate is somewhat like a passport that contains identity information. By verifying that the information from the certificate is correct, it proves that the site you are accessing is safe and you are not communicating with any third party attacker.

Now the main reason why a certificate error occurs is incorrect system date. You see the "certificate" just like a passport has its validity period, if your system date is incorrect the browser cannot verify if the certificate is still under its validity period. Check your computer date and check your computer time zone setting and make sure they are sync and correct. Then try to restart your computer and your browser.

If still after you have verified that your computer date and time zone settings is correct and the certificate error still occurs, then I would suggest that you don't enter any valuable information in that site or better yet do not enter that site.

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