CA antivirus Update error message.

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I am using CA anti virus 2009 for my computer, this anti virus update automatically, but I don’t have internet connection.

So I think this reason why this error occurred during update.

Can I update this anti virus manually without internet connection?


Update Error

CA security center

An error occurred during the update process.

Please try again late

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CA antivirus Update error message.


Larry Howard,

You can  do a manual update to the CA Antivirus 2009, as per the method mentioned below. However, please note, you need to have an internet connection somewhere to download the required signature files (updates).

This connection is NOT necessarily needed on the computer where the CA AV is installed.

You can download the signature files

When you navigate to this page look for the signature file with the highest number, for example vet_full_8685.pkg, where 8685 is the current highest number, and right click this file, and click to the save target as< and save it some device / desktop

Carry this file to the system where the CA AV is installed.

Now right click this file, and unzip / extract this file to the folder where the CA AV is installed, usually and by default it is: C:Program FilesCACA Internet Security SuiteCA Anti-Virus, if no changes have been made during installation.

Then simply Re-Start your system, and your CA AV will be updated.


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CA antivirus Update error message.


Hi Larry,

It's nearly impossible to update your antivirus definitions and other program and database updates without an internet connection. 

I suggest the best method is to do it by connecting to the internet connection because while connecting your antivirus send the details about your system and virus definitions and update your antivirus accordingly and automatically. 

Isn't it the best way?

If you still don't want to update automatically then try this First you need to go to this URL: – 

Follow the set of instructions accordingly and carefully and download the manual updates and virus definitions for updating your antivirus. 

Now after downloading go to your antivirus settings and in the sub menu, of updates you can see options to install manual updates and choose these downloaded files as update files and then click update,

Wait for a while and done!

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