Mozilla Firefox cannot load images when browsing

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Hi there!

I use Firefox 6 version browser and Internet Explorer. When I entered into a website through Internet Explorer, all flash and images were loaded automatically. It is all right.

But when I browsed a URL through Mozilla Firefox, no images were loaded.

It means that some plug-ins are missing. So I tried searching them. I found out that plug-ins and configuration are fine.

So, how can I load images for my Firefox?

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Mozilla Firefox cannot load images when browsing


Hello Kurt!

  • First, I would like to check if your image permissions are in order. Some websites prevent images from loading so that the page loads faster. So, make sure the 'Load Images Automatically' box is checked. Here's how:
  • Tools —> Options —> Content —> Load Images Automatically.
  • Select Tools from your menu bar and look down the list that pops-up and look for Options. It should be towards the bottom. Once you get the options window to pop-up, go to the Content tab. At the top you, should see your top three options. Make sure that 'Load Images Automatically' have a check mark in the box.
  • If 'load images automatically' is already checked, click the Exceptions button and check to make sure none the of the websites you're having trouble with are on that list. If they are, select that site and click Remove Site and click ok.
  • If that doesn't fix the problem, try clearing your cache and cookies.
  • Right Click on the page you're having trouble with. Once the menu pops-up, select View Page Info. When you get that window open, click the Security tab, and then look toward the middle of the window and select View Cookies. Another window should pop-up. It should display the website you're on and the cookies the website is produced. At the bottom, select Remove Cookies and remove them all from that site. Close those windows and refresh the page you're having trouble with.

Hope it helps and best of luck.

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Mozilla Firefox cannot load images when browsing



This may cause of a corrupted browser or some add-ons are expired. There are a number of issue that you might experience if you are using Firefox browser. And one of them is Adobe Flash Player not updating. Once you visit a website and it will not display the whole content of it, like some text are missing and pictures are not loaded properly or in part then the problem is the flash player. Flash Player can be downloaded for free. Visit and you can download the software right there.

The symptoms why Firefox is not loading pictures are the following:

* Internet has stopped working, intermittent connection.
* Page time out, links have stopped working.
* Some of the pages have stopped loading.
* Incompatibility of style sheets being rendered, showed up in plain white background and simple bullet/border cells.

To fix this, upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version, at least version 10.

Go to this website:

Download the latest Flash Player and follow the steps.

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