Brief description of Voice Recognition

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I have a report next week about Voice Recognition.

I would just like to ask some experts help on this.

I want to clearly understand all about Voice Recognition and its concepts.

What is Voice Recognition? Who created this and how does he/she do it?

Please give me a short discussion on this matter. Thank you so much.

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Brief description of Voice Recognition


Ray Kurzweil invented the voice recognition program. Voice recognition is a field of computer science which deals with designing computer systems that can identify spoken words. How does it work? Let's break it down into 4 steps.

First, the input. The first step is to input and digitize of the voice into VR-capable software. In other words, you speak right into the microphone, which creates sound files for the VR program to work.

Secondly, analysis. The VR programs take the recording and break it down into identifiable speech.

Thirdly, speech-to-text. When the program identifies the speech, it starts a complicated process of recognition and analyzation. Finally the VR software provides a word output.

I hope this answers your question.

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