“bottega.indd.” is damaged and cannot be recovered

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My system rebooted after the occurrence of a system error while I was working on a project in “Adobe InDesign”. When I tried to go to my previous work, it’s now showing me the error message (like in the screenshot). I need to retrieve my work done. Please help me in this regard.

Cannot open “bottega.indd


‘Cannot open “bottega.indd.”

The file “bottega.indd.” is damaged and cannot be recovered (Error code: 5).’

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“bottega.indd.” is damaged and cannot be recovered


Hello Charles

This happens mainly because the application didn't shut down properly when your file bottega.indd was open. Anyways, Do you receive any recovery message when you try to open the file, if you do then , click yes to recover the remaining contents of the file.

However if you do not, you can try some other steps to recover your data which may be lengthy but can be useful. You can try to open this file in notepad, then copy all of your text and then paste into your program again.
you can try to open this file in adobe acrobat, then you can save them as pdf or you can print them out.



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