Booting Problems can’t display Windows XP

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Please help me with my startup problem. The problem is, when I turn on my computer the screen turns black. It just display MSI or board details, but it does not reach to the Operating System. A black screen will appear with a flashing cursor on the upper left corner of the screen. I already did some troubleshooting on this problem.

I already tried getting into BIOS but unfortunately it didn’t work. I already unplugged some unnecessary external devices but still don't work. I also asked some advices through online questions.

And most of them told me that my hard drive might be causing the problem. Considering those answers, I am afraid I just can’t give up just like that my hard drive. Inside that hard drive is a 120 GB of important data. Now, the worst part of it is that I couldn’t get into the Safe mode of my computer and I don’t have an installer cd of the original XP. 

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Booting Problems can’t display Windows XP


Hi  Tommy

Looks like you researched well into every type of causes and couldn't find the solution. That doesn't necessarily mean its a  problem with the hard drive. There are many possibilities.

First did you hear any strange noises coming from your hard drive when you were using it. This indicates a physical problem in the hard drive. If this is the case you should retrieve your data using the many data recovery method without delay.

It could be caused by faulty memory. If you have two RAM sticks remove each one at a time and run your computer. Try inserting a working RAM if you can. Remember that faulty memory cannot be repaired.

The BIOS could be corrupt. If this is the case the BIOS ROM must be replaced with another one.

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