Booting Windows XP with USB

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Hi folks,

I used various programs to create my USB stick and various versions of Windows …
My problem occurs when I select the boot on the USB key, loading the drivers install of XP working properly …
then blue screen and goes no further ….
I greatly need your help …

Thank you in advance.

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Booting Windows XP with USB



Booting through Win XP USB is a difficult job but not impossible.

The reason is that XP was created in 2001 and the technique to make a bootable came way after that which was supported by Win XP SP3 and later versions.

It was also available for SP2 but with a hectic process and hardware limitations.

Therefore, the software's to create a bootable USB flash drive aren't for XP but for higher versions such as vista and 7.

Other details can be found on the link.



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Booting Windows XP with USB



Hello Dear,
Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.
Dear windows XP can be installed from any USB drive.
You are facing problem during installation due to corrupted file.
It also maybe the reason of a virus attack on your USB drive.
Kindly recopy source of windows XP in your USB drive. And try again.
Before copying do not forget to format your USB drive.
I hope it will help you a lot.
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Booting Windows XP with USB


You already created a bootable USB with Windows XP on it and after loading it, it shows a BSOD right?

To do it correctly, you must first need the following:

1. USB with 1-2 GB capacity

2. Windows XP CD Genuine Version

3. Your computer must have a CD/DVD ROM and a USB port.

4. Download the WinSetupFromUSB here.

Ensure that the following is correct:

1. Your USB is bootable.

2. Your computer will let you boot from a USB.


After downloading the WinSetupFromUSB, run and then follow the on-screen instructions. At the end of it, the software will start.

Insert the Windows XP disc on your CD/DVD ROM and click Browse. Go to the destination path on your computer and choose the CD/DVD ROM drive and click OK.

Click Refresh and if you can see the small arrow on the left, choose the USB key that you will use for booting Windows XP. Choose Fixed and then click Go to start the process. Once it is done, close it.

Windows XP Installation:

1. Insert the USB key to your computer and then go to BIOS settings.

2. Change the boot priority to your USB key and then save and restart your computer.

3. You will see two lines under the GRUB menu:

  • Choose the startup of the installation process.
  • The entire installation and the priority boot of Windows XP.

4. Boot from the USB key until Windows XP is installed completely.

5. Do the installation just like the same process on a normal installation.

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Booting Windows XP with USB


To create a bootable disk for Windows XP, you will need to make a bootable USB key with a 1-2GB capacity, a genuine copy of Windows XP or the official disk, a computer with optical drive and a USB key, software like WinSetupFromUSB which you can download from the link below:

Ensure that the USB key is bootable and your computer can let you boot from USB key. You can check it on your BIOS settings. And then when you finished downloading, run the installation and then follow the onscreen instruction. At the end of it, you software will start.

1. Insert the Windows XP CD on your CD ROM and then click the Browse button.

2. Type or enter the destination path on your computer.

3. Choose your CD ROM drive of the Windows XP and then click the OK button.

4. Click the Refresh button and then on the left side with the small arrow, choose the USB key that you just used for booting Windows XP.

5. Choose Fixed.

6. Click Go to start the process and once it is done, close the program.

7. Connect the USB key on your computer and then enter the BIOS settings by tapping on F2 upon bootup.

8. Set the BIOS to boot from your USB. Save and then restart your computer.

9. You will see two lines on the GRUB menu. the first is to choose the startup of the installation process and the second is for the installation of others and first boot for XP.

10. Boot from your USB until you are done installing Windows XP.

11. Just follow the installation process on the on screen instructions.




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Booting Windows XP with USB


Hello dear,

There are many ways to make the USB Stick bootable.

I will give you two methods, and these are 100% foolproof. Just get the Windows 98 CD, or run your computer with DOS.

When the command prompt pops up, attach your USB Stick to the computer, and format it with this command.

Format /s

It will save the system files to your flash while formatting. Then, copy all of the sources of your operating system to this stick and enjoy.

The second method is to use a software.

I suggest you to use the Win to Flash software, that can be downloaded from this link.

I hope it will help you with your problem.


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