Bookstore Website is not being refreshed automatically

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Hi everybody,

I am running a small bookstore and having website for that. I used to upload latest images and new books into that. On my computer it shows the latest images, whatever I have uploaded.

But in one of my friend's computers this website is showing the old photos only. I am updating those photos and all by using Earth Link center. I could not understand that this problem is related to HTML or some cache issue? On my website, I don't like to keep the Refresh button to update the page with the latest items. It has to update website automatically whenever we make changes.

Can somebody please give me the best solution that the views has to see the latest webpage of my bookstore. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

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Bookstore Website is not being refreshed automatically




It sounds as though you're having server issues or perhaps it is something as simple as bad links. Ensure that the new images you have uploaded are properly labeled with the correct url. Also, ensure that all old images are removed. You may want to use a different tool for this purpose. Tools that are created for the purpose of simplifying such tasks are often full of these kinds of bugs. It may be better to perform the tedious task of individually modifying the images on your website. If you are still experiencing problems, migrate to a new server.

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