Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file

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I am feeling very happy to see this, very informative and valuable site. I have read nearly about 50 questions and implemented the solutions. It’s very helpful for me to work and understand the computer on hardware and software both levels.

All experts have done very appreciative work. I also have a question and want the solution. I want to print a document in booklet form, in Office 2007.

Guide me through, so that I can get the desired result.

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


Yes, it is really a very informative and valuable site. The solutions are below:

You need to create a document when printing booklets:

1. Launch your document or create a new document. You need to consider revising elements on your current document that will suit on pages and should be 1/4 in size.

2. An example is, the photos and the size of the fonts should be smaller and the table of contents should be a little bit bigger than it.

3. Click on the Page Layout and then click Page Setup.

The settings should be as followed:

Margins – It should be 0.5 inches. You need to put more spaces on your page with additional 0.25 inches gutter margin. In this way you can add spaces on your 2-facing pages wherein the fold is located.

Book fold – Select Book fold in order to make your document print in landscape mode that has two booklet pages on either side of your paper.

The Sheets per booklet should also be considered. You need to add the number of pages or you can also choose All or set it to Auto. If you have 4 booklets on one sheet of a paper, it should be multiplied by four. Click on OK.

To print your booklet:

1. Click MS Office button > Select Print and then hit the Print option.

2. If you have set your printer to print automatically on both sides of your paper, you can now start printing.

3. If its not set to print automatically, choose the Manual duplex and then click OK. When done printing on the first side, insert the back of your paper on your printer and then click OK so you can print on both side. Ensure that you have inserted your paper properly on your printer. Or test your printer first.

4. Gather your pages together and then merge it with a stapler or anything that can make it look like a binder or a book. Then fold each pages to the middle side of each paper.

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


I am happy to know that you are working with Ms Office 2007.

Because Office 2007 is offering an additional and a very useful feature, that is printing of a document in booklet format.

All you have to do is to visit the help feature provided in the menu bar and paste the question there and follow all the instructions provided there.

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


I am new to office 2007 and am not very much familiar with it’s working yet. Guide me with details and settings required.

I have a simple document file but the task is to print that document in Booklet form.

Is there any way that can fix the problem?

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


All you make to do is go to the page layout tab.

Select Margins tab, choose "Book Fold", and set the number of pages you want to include in the booklet.

Click ok button and then go to the printing Manu and send the print command.

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


Actually Booklets are printed on both sides of a standard latter (8. 5-by-11-inch) size paper using landscape orientation (horizontal instead of vertical). After printing the pages, you assemble and fold the sheets for each booklet. You can also bind multiple sheets together with staples or glue.

After configuring the Office Word 2007 page setup for booklets, you add your content and click Print. Office Word 2007 automatically lays out the pages in the correct order. For example, if your booklet is four pages (two pages on each side), Office Word 2007 places the first page on the cover, the second and third pages on the inside, and the fourth page on the back cover. On the Page Layout tab, click the Page Setup dialog box launcher, and then enter the following settings:

Margins: By default, margins are one inch. Decrease the top, bottom, inside, and outside margins to at least 0.5 inches to give you more usable space on a page. (The inside and outside margins are the spacing between the text and the left and right edges of the page.) Also, add a gutter margin of 0.25 inches. The gutter is the space between the two facing pages (where the fold is).

Multiple pages: Select Book fold to set up your document to print in landscape page orientation with two booklet pages on each side of a sheet of paper.

Sheets per booklet: Select the number of pages in your booklet, or select All or Auto. Note that because there are four booklet pages per sheet of paper, the options are in multiples of four.

Then Click OK.

When you are ready to print your booklet, click the Microsoft Office button, point to Print, and then click Print.

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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


Follow these steps in order to print a booklet in Word 2007:

  1. Open a new or already existing Word 2007 document.
  2. Select the "Page Layout" tab.
  3. Click on the arrow situated at the bottom of the "Page Setup" group.
  4. The Page Setup windows pane will appear. From the Margins tab, choose "Book Fold" from the menu in front of "Multiple pages".
  5. Choose the number of pages that you would like to include in the booklet from the menu in front of "Sheets per booklet".
  6. Click on the "OK" button.
  7. Click on the "Office" button.  
  8. Send the printing command from the print menu.
  9. Click on the "OK" button.
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Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file


Thanks a lot dear experts.

Your guideline really supports me.

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