Bluetooth Device on my Acer Laptop not found

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Hi experts,

I have Acer Aspire 4730 laptop with in built Bluetooth device. I never use this, since I bought this laptop last year. But when I have to use it, I could not figure out why it can't detect any available device.

Originally, this laptop is running Windows Vista, but I decided to upgrade to Windows 7.

I searched on the Acer support page to download the driver's updated version. But there is no available driver for Windows 7, 64 bit. I don't know how the computer technician installed my Bluetooth driver on my laptop.

My laptop can open the Bluetooth screen when I press the Bluetooth button beside the keyboard on my laptop. But when I try to search it using any devices, it cannot be detected. Even if I tried searching on the device I tried, all I can see is the blank screen with a text written in the middle of the screen that says, no items match your search.  I tried a Nokia phone so far and an Android phone. But none of them works.

I want to know how I can fix the settings for this. From the Acer site, the Bluetooth device installed on my computer is from Broadcom.  If anyone knows about this,

Please let me know.


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Bluetooth Device on my Acer Laptop not found


Hi Chloe,

The problem you are facing is because you might have not turned on your Laptops WiFi.

Laptops are built in such a way that the WiFi button acts as a wireless device button. When you turn it on your Bluetooth Device will be active, and you can check this in the Device manager. When WiFi is turned off, no Bluetooth devices are visible but when turned on Bluetooth is activated.

If this does not work, then either your laptop doesn't have Bluetooth, or it has a hardware problem, and it needs to be taken to the vendor.

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Bluetooth Device on my Acer Laptop not found


Hello Paul. Thank you for the suggestion but my WiFi always on. And I am pretty sure that this laptop has built in bluetooth. Anyway, I found the perfect driver and it is now working fine.

Thank you for the help.

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