Blue screen after running BIOS, no error message

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I was trying to get into the BIOS to change some menial things on my computer. However, I had to restart suddenly because the BIOS was not responding (or I was making mistakes trying to get into it). Anyway, now the computer takes ages to start (around 15-20 minutes). Before it starts I get a blue screen for maybe a second, but I cannot see any error message. I don´t know what to do and what to search for, since I truly cannot see any clue. What should I do next?

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Blue screen after running BIOS, no error message



Experiencing “Blue Screen” and “Memory Dump” kind of symptoms points towards that your system is may be falling out because of the “BIOS Error”. Sometimes if you try to change some settings in the BIOS, like trying to Overclocking it to boost up your system speed, all you end up is in overdoing it and hence as a result, “Blue Screen Of Death.

Now let’s talk about the solution. Well, it’s hard to suggest you anything specifically without knowing details of your system configuration and case scenario. So I will suggest you some in hand generic solutions you can try out:

  • First of all, try to revert back all of the changes you have done after which you think this problem appeared. For that purpose, perform these steps:

    • Restart computer.
    • Press DEL key/ key to enter the BIOS setting
    • In BIOS menu, select one of the options
    • Restore Previous Settings
    • Reset “All Settings” to “Default”
    • Save changes and exit the BIOS by pressing F 10.
    • Restart computer again.
  • If this is not working for you, i.e. you are not able to enter the BIOS setting anyhow, then the only option you left with is, changing BIOS setting back to default manually. This can be achieved by resetting a jumper on the motherboard. This will revert the BIOS values to default. Beware; this option is not for amateurs. You must have hand to access over your Hardware manual before you start.

Hope you now you know your way.

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Blue screen after running BIOS, no error message


You can easily go to the BIOS setup by pressing DEL or Delete from the keyboard when you start the computer. The BIOS configuration screen will immediately open. But if the computer doesn’t seem to respond when going to the BIOS, there is probably something wrong with your computer. You should check if there is a device that’s causing the error.

Shut down your computer then open the CPU case. Remove the following devices from the motherboard: memory cards, hard drive and optical drive, video card, sound card, and network card. If you have other device inserted in the expansion slot, remove it as well. Next, press the power button on the CPU to start the computer.

You should hear series of beeps from the motherboard because there is no memory card inserted. If you hear beeps, turn off the CPU again and then install the memory cards first. Start the CPU again. If the beep disappears, turn the CPU off then install the video card. If the video card is working properly, your monitor should display something.

After this, turn off the CPU again then connect the hard drive. Start the CPU and see if the computer boots normally. Connect the rest of the devices after this if all tests are successful. In case you found a problem with one device, you need to replace it. Don’t install it on your computer to prevent the previous error.

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