Some websites not displaying properly

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I noticed lately that whenever I go to websites, the page will not display properly until I refresh the page.

It happens randomly to the sites. I’m not sure if the problem is on my end.

What it shows is like I only see the text on the left side of the page without the background.

These are the 3 browsers that I am using at the moment:

  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer 8.

I want to know if that is normal or something that could be fixed. Does this happen also to you sometimes?

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Some websites not displaying properly



The problem you’re facing with your internet in really an annoying problem. I know I have faced it too. So here are some possible solutions. That might help you out.

Solution One:

Sometimes it so happens that we take internet connection from the Third Party Host. Or third party Connection. This may cause the web address to fail to find the website you’re looking for. It’s because a wrong IP form the HOST will not let you visit websites that you want. To find out whether the third party host is blocking your way or not.

GO to the RUN from the Start menu and Type – C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts

Solution Two:

Another reason that may cause this is the problem in your pipeline or your connection method. It may happen that the site you want to visit is ok but the main connection of your internet connection in not properly attached to the computer or there may be some problem in you connector. Then you will see this message “Timed Out”.

Go to the RUN from the Start Menu and Type: cmd /k tracert

Solution Three:

Another reason is that your DNS cache which keeps records of your visited Webpages. It may get virus affected and can cause this problem. So it may not work properly. Cleaning the DNS cache can get you back to the Webpages.

Go to the RUN from the Start Menu and Type:cmd /k ipconfig /displaydns

If you see that it is not reachable, then you have to clean the cache. To do that –

Go to the RUN from the Start Menu and Type:type cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns

Solution Four:

Sometimes it so happens that some of the websites are blocked or un-accessed by the firewall on your computer. This may cause you not letting the site. Naturally this type of cases doesn’t occur frequently. But you never know.

Solution Five:

The problem may also occur due to using external software firewalls. In this case you can close the browser and restart again. It may help you solve this problem.

If nothing works then the best way to save is to contact your ISP.


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Some websites not displaying properly


If a webpage does not load the first time you open it then we can assume that the problem is the Internet. But we have to isolate the problem, identify the issue and find resolutions to the problem.

Internet is slow.

Clear all history

* Optimized all browsers, clear all history, cached files and cookies.
* If you are using wired connection with router, then do sequenced power cycle. Turn everything off to refresh the Internet connection.
* If using a wireless connection, then check for wireless interference, cordless phone, satellite dish, microwave and electro-magnetic devices.
* Disabled firewall and set it to medium-low.
* Run a sped test and ask your ISP what speed you should be getting.

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