Blank video on ati vcr player software

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Can you suggest how to fix ati vcr player software problem? I have collected the vcr codec from ati website and installed it, but when I play my vcr video (player I have got from ati legal cd), there is no image, just a blank window. Same time video timing bar is running like video is playing. Why it is so and what to do to fix?

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Blank video on ati vcr player software




Try the following steps:

1. Check whether the video is in the format that is supported by ati player or not. If it is not supported then convert the video to the format that is supported by ati player. All players have a list of specific formats that they can play. If you play a video that is not supported by the software then you see the blank screen.

2. Check the settings of ati player. See if the player can play other videos or not. Try to play videos of different formats on the ati player. If the videos are playing, then it is the problem of the video and not that of the player.

3. If other videos are also not being played in the ati player, then reinstall it on your computer. You can also find an alternate player and install it.


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