Blank Blue page with Java Script error on my Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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I am getting a Blank Blue page with Java Script error on my CRM.

After the CRM has been installed, I tried to access the CRM web client but I am having some problems doing that because the page does nothing and eventually the page would just turn into a blue page saying that there is a java script error on the status bar.


Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly. In the future, you can display this message by double-clicking the warning icon displayed in the status bar.

Line: 194

Char: 1

Error: Object expected

Code: 0

URL: http://localhost:5555/orgname

Java Script error- Line: 194- Char: 1 - Error: Object expected -Code: 0
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Blank Blue page with Java Script error on my Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Hi Jeremy,

Just restart the computer and see if the error goes away. But if not, try this option: Go to your IIS manager:

1. Start>all program >accessories>run> C:______________

(I don't know your computer so just fill the blank).

2. Local computer> website CRM configured.

3. Properties>remove or unchecked anonymous.

4. Anonymous access click OK.

5. Apply the properties then do it again.

And turn anonymous access back on and reapply the change.

In many computers with the same error, the procedure above works. But if in your case it won't work, maybe the driver is the problem because it is not compatible with the update. 

Start> control panel>check on performance maintenance>system properties > hardware tab>device manager >problem device>properties If the device is not working (there is a red X) you need to reboot it. Click the driver tab and roll back driver.

Restart the computer>properties>system tools> choose a date prior to update and start restore.

Sometimes, it is also cause by the malfunction of Random Access Memory(RAM). So get a cleaner,a registry cleaner that will check error on the operating system. 


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