Blackberry Bold 9650 Internet Issues

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Hello everyone! I am a blackberry user. I am using blackberry bold 9650 but the problem with it is that I cannot use Internet on this phone. It just doesn't connect to the WiFi. I have done everything on my own, tried everything but it still did not work. Please help me because it is very urgent. I really need to use Internet on my phone on urgent basis. Thanks!

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Blackberry Bold 9650 Internet Issues


One thing to try is to delete the saved Wi-Fi networks and to add your network again.

I have shown the correct settings below to set up a Wi-Fi Network:

  1. Scroll to “All” tray on the home screen, and press the trackpad


  1. Scroll to the “Manage Connections” setting and press the trackpad. Scroll to Wi-Fi and make sure it is checked by pressing the trackpad.
  1. Scroll down to “Set up Wi-Fi” until it is blue, and press the trackpad.



  1. Scroll to your Wi-Fi network and press the trackpad


  1. If you are asked for the Wi-Fi password, enter it. (This is the same password you entered when you set up your router for Wi-Fi)
  2. Scroll to “Connect” and press the trackpad



  1. You should now be connected to your Wi-Fi Network.

Remember that you need BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) data plan enabled on your Blackberry.  This is necessary so that your account will receive all the correct service books to be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Also, try changing the Blackberry Bold’s browser settings to “Hotspot”.  This can also resolve your issue.

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