Blackberry 9800 backup shows error

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I wanted to back up my Blackberry 9800 using Blackberry’s Desktop Software, but whenever I try to backup media files an error pops up with a message is that there is a connection problem or a problem with the device. It is on and connected. Below is a screenshot of the error message.

Error message:

There was an error backing up.

There could have been a problem with the device or connection during the backup. Verify that the device is turned on and connected.

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Blackberry 9800 backup shows error



Here are some solutions that comes to my mind.

I suggest first is to delete your cache and try again.

In Back Up options select custom and exclude social feeds by unchecking the box.


If this doesn’t work, the problem might be that there is a corrupt file. Check what file gives you the error, delete it and try again.

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Blackberry 9800 backup shows error


Hi Arron,
Resolve by changing Back-up directory:-
This error is because of your backup target directory selection. By default, your backup directory would be set to V Drive, which is a mapped network drive.
You will need to change your backup directory to C Drive and backup your files from blackberry.
Resolve by 'Custom' back-up:-
You can perform a 'Custom' back-up by selecting all databases, except for Application Data.
Follow the below steps to perform 'Custom' backup on Windows OS system:
1) Open BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device -> Back up
2) click 'Custom'. Select the check box next to the data requiring a back up. Do Not select APPLICATION DATA
3) In the File name field, type a new name to change the default name of backup file
4) Select 'Encrypt backup file' check box and type a password to encrypt the back up file
5) If needed, select 'Dont ask for these settings again' check box
6) Click 'Back up'

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Blackberry 9800 backup shows error



First of all,  make sure you are using the correct version of BlackBerry Desktop Software for your BlackBerry PlayBook and check out this Techyv link to get more helpful information about this issue.

There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook

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