Google PlayStore does not open on my Motorolla android XT615

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Hello! Google Play Store does not open on my smartphone. This started happening recently. The other day I was using play store and it was working perfectly fine. Yesterday when I opened it, a white screen opened and there were three options in the left most corner namely 'Redeem','Account','Settings'. When I clicked on redeem it asked for some sort of code and I had no idea what the code was but apparently by entering the code, play store may work. But the question is, why is this happening all of a sudden and what is wrong with the play store?

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Google PlayStore does not open on my Motorolla android XT615


That’s only normal because you selected Redeem instead of the other choices. It will therefore ask you for a code or specifically for the redeem code which usually comes from Google Play gift cards. If your Google Play Store is still not working and still opens with a white screen, first, try logging out of your account and then restart your handset.

Next, start Google Play Store then sign in to your account. See if the app is back to normal and you can access the store like before. But if not and you still get that white screen, try deleting Google Play Store from your handset. Don’t worry, you can still install it back just like any other mobile applications.

Using your computer, open your web browser then visit Google Play Store 5.0.37. Download Google Play Store 5.0.37 and then transfer it to your phone. Run the installer or the Google Play Store APK on your phone and it will install Google Play Store on your handset. Google Play Store 5.0.37 is the latest version as of October 2014.

Just check the page for additional infos about the latest features and functionalities.

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