There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook

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Hey guys! I owned a BlackBerry PlayBook with OS I connected it with my Windows 7 computer.

When I tried to make a full backup of my PlayBook, I got this error:

BlackBerry Desktop Software

There was an error backing up.

There could have been a problem with the device or connection during the backup. Verify that the device is turned on and connected.


I cannot back-up the Application Data, but I already back-up the Settings of my PlayBook. When trying to backup the two at the same time, the error above keeps showing. Any thoughts about this please let me know.

Thank you.

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There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook


Hello joe,

Are you using a laptop? If so, are you connected to a power source? Are you trying same USB port all the time? Try using a different USB port or another cord if possible and try the back up again. Also, if you haven't restarted your computer,

please restart it and do try again Let me know how you make out. Thanks!

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There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook


The Blackberry desktop software has to be installed for PC 6.1, it’s easy for us to store information’s and it is possible to get it back by using backup capabilities. It helps us to restore these information’s of Medias and application data could get you, while you face any problems or issues.

 We have to install BB Desktop Software in PC 6.1, its easy for us to create backup file by following few steps.

First to open blackberry desktop software for PC6.1.

It’s connected to BB playbook on our desktop. In a screenshot it gives us information what we are required or what should happen in a certain option’s new BB device wizard appears in our desktop to selects device option.

Choose a type of data which helps you to backup and apply by following which data you want to select and to backup medias or application data.

Suppose to change the previous name given in the file and to give a new file name.

You have to browse and mention the folder where you have to save backup files.

To protect your data you can protect it by using a file password.

You are not allowed to set the options when you backup. Suppose to select the option “Don’t ask for these settings again”.

Backing up your data may take more time to complete. Before doing this process if you are disconnecting the file will be corrupted.

If the backup process is completed, it’s safe to disconnect your device successfully.

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There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook


First, make sure you are using the correct version of BlackBerry Desktop Software for your BlackBerry PlayBook. If your BlackBerry PlayBook runs on BlackBerry 7.1 OS or earlier, download and install BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1. And make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 installed on your computer. If you haven’t installed it yet, download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1.

To properly create a full backup of your BlackBerry PlayBook, here is how. Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your computer. Start BlackBerry Desktop Software then go to Device and then select “Back up”. On the next screen, click Full. After that, if you wish to change the default name for the backup file, enter the new name in the “File name” field.

If you wish to encrypt the backup file, check “Encrypt backup file” and then type a password. Click “Back up” to begin the backup process for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

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There was an error in backing up my BB PlayBook



This error is because of your backup target directory selection. By default, your backup directory would be set to V Drive, which is a mapped network drive. You will need to change your backup directory to C Drive and backup your files from blackberry. 

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