Black spot in my LCD nokia c5-03

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I use a NOKIA c5-03. Suddenly in the LCD there appeared a black spot. Which is not water. I used a hot gun to flash them away but didn't work. Why is this?

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Black spot in my LCD nokia c5-03


Hello Charmaine!,

From what i read your LCD suddenly have appeared some black spots.
Definitely it's not water because LCD'S are sealed to perfection to avoid unnecessary hazards unless you broke them.

From what I've experienced LCD can be prone to dead pixels.
Dead pixels are like white/black spots appearing in a LCD which could be a manufacturer defect.
We can't avoid this kind of dots. But one means of getting some is from accidentally dropping your phone to the ground.

Better don't do anything to your LCD because it is fragile and can be break easily.
Visit to the nearest Nokia Care, and let them check your phone. If there is a warranty then you're good they will change your unit.
Hope this helps!

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Black spot in my LCD nokia c5-03



The black spots on your Nokia c5-03 is due to defective pixels on your LCD. Defective pixels are very common for LCD's. You can simply give your handset to your customer service center to repair the problem. There is another interesting method too which you can try by yourself. It is given below. 

1. You have to locate the defective pixel. Mark the are with a marker on the screen. 

2. Take an eraser.

3. Wrap the eraser with scratch free cloth.

4. Turn your screen off. You can switch off your cell.

5. Gently apply pressure to the marked are with the wrapped eraser. Make sure you are applying pressure through a tip of the eraser. The pressure should be applied for 5-10 seconds, not more than that.

6. Now switch on the phone and check the result. 70% times this method works perfectly.

If its working, then good otherwise you need to visit the service center.  

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