BIOS Update for windows 2000 SP3

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My Windows XP 2003 Dark Edition has been corrupted recently due to a power failure experienced by my PC.  And, I was unsuccessful, as I tried to reinstall the Windows XP (Dark and Original both) later after the corruption.

Hence, I installed Windows 2000 service pack3 and attempted to install Win XP 2003 again, and I found an error message where I was asked to update the BIOS. Please someone help me by telling me the way to update my BIOS for Windows 2000 SP3. I will be thankful to you.

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BIOS Update for windows 2000 SP3


There is no such version like Dar edition of the Windows XP. It is just a modified OS created by some people. But you have written that you failed to install either of the two so you went for the windows 2000.

First clear your mind that the BIOS has nothing to do with the windows. BIOS is related to the motherboard and you can access it without even going into windows desktop so it means it is apart from the windows.

The message you saying that it asks you to update bios is a very weird problem. However you can update the BIOS by following the steps below.

  1. See which manufacturer's motherboard do you have and which chipset.
  2. Go to that specific manufacturer's website and go to the support/download section.
  3. Choose your respective motherboard model and from the downloads, choose to download BIOS.
  4. After the installation is complete run the BIOS update setup which you just downloaded. It will just ask you to save your important work and other stuff that you are doing.
  5. After that all the process is automatic and you just wait till it says that the BIOS is successfully updated.

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