Better solution for making my pc fast

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for some reasons, my desktop has become seriously slow. i tried lot of things to solve this problem such as cleaned several times with strong anti virus, even i re-installed the windows thinking that i can solve it through using it. but no, nothing is really helping me. Even after installing a new windows package,i have the same problem. Does anyone has a better solution?

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Better solution for making my pc fast


Hi Rebel,

Before you did the reinstallation you could have first checked the memory of your computer. How big is the memory of your computer? For a computer to be with a good speed, it should have a memory of at least 3GB. So check your computer and see the size of the memory it is running on. It the memory is below 3GB, then you might have to consider upgrading it to boost the speed and performance of your system.

Another thing to consider is the kind of programs are running on your computer. Some programs need a lot of space, for instance  gaming programs like FIFA. So if you are using such programs, then you have to boost the memory because they take a lot of memory space during execution.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Better solution for making my pc fast


Hi Rebel,

     Being a computer user for almost a decade now,  it is always the number 1 question.   Speeding up the computer.  Different conditions that can affect the speed performance of your PC.  Usually these conditions are easily solved even just a user with a low knowledge in computer.  I will list some of the causes that might slower the computer speediness.

  1. There might be too many programs running before starting up.
  2. It may be the hard drive that is too fragmented.
  3. Or the Hard drive has no space.
  4. Maybe the version has grown over time.
  5. Or the Spyware software.

     or you may have overlooked at the following:

  1. Over used that is the pc overheats.
  2. Bad programs on hard drive.
  3. Maybe the file is corrupt
  4. Or sometimes your computer is trying to connect to any network or available source for connection.

What  are the solutions:

  • Increase your space memory
  • Remove unnecessary files or documents.
  • You can also remove it by using Windows cleaner.
  • You have to uninstall all the unnecessary programs.
  • You have to do defragmentation in your hard drive
  • You have to try to clean your registry and have your windows reinstalled again.
  • You have to use BartPE  which guarantees to clean your spyware Windows.


Hope this might help you.


Thanks, Aliyah

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