Best thermal compound to use

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What thermal compound should I use if I attach a 290 to an EK FC290x full cover block? I applied CLU to the CPU and I still have a syringe left. Could I apply it to the GPU block or should I use the recommended Gelid Extreme instead? Thanks for the help in advance.

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Best thermal compound to use


Thermal paste is used for faster temperature conduction between the heating component and the heatsink. In your case, between the CPU and the heatsink.

Applying thermal paste compound on the GPU is not recommended because the structural integrity of the video card is not designed to be altered by the user. It is better to leave the graphics processor as it is, without modifying it. The best way to cool down the GPU is keeping the PC case clean and free to all kinds for ventilation. Mounting extra fans to the case will help in cooling down the components.

Also, the best thermal compound for applying over the CPU would be Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive. It is a very widely used and very efficient thermal compound that brings very good results in temperature conduction.

You must remember that when applying the thermal compound on the CPU it is recommended to clean it using a small piece of soft cloth damped in alcohol, then apply a very small amount of thermal compound on the CPU, in the size of a penny, or even smaller. After that just put back the heatsink carefully without rocking it too much on the surface of the CPU.

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