Workload on all of my 32 unit computers

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Can anybody help me in implementing an equal and parallel workload on all of my 32 unit computers?

Can you please suggest a model, or any idea that could brighten up my mind..

thank you…

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Workload on all of my 32 unit computers


Hi Ramsey,

I guess you are referring to the internet connection which is equal to your 32 computers. That would be depending on your usage and you can use this following details:

Email = 64 kbps

VOIP = 128 kbps

Video Streaming = 268 kbps

Kindly compute the number of computer x the details above and that's your bandwidth consumption.

You can also adjust the bandwidth per computer in order to minimize your bandwidth or to prevent lag on your network.

You can download traffic shaper to minimize your bandwidth.



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